Meeting called to order at 7:10

Report of Treasurer: Gordon Terry gave the treasurer’s report. The profit and loss statement from the 1st Citizens checking account was presented. The account balance is $9,982.94. Whitefish Credit savings account balance is $52,478.36. More detailed records can be viewed by appointment with the treasurer.

Report of water district: Russ Barber updated the meeting. View here.

Report of design and review: Russ Barber gave a yearly report of past projects. He informed us at this meeting that 2 of the 3 review members are retiring and will need to be replaced by the board.

Weed management plan: The 2016 plan has been filed with the County Weed Control office. Jette Meadows has sprayed this year for leafy spurge and has also released bugs that will also attack the problem. It is getting harder to find contractors to spray the difficult areas and using bugs is becoming more popular.

JMLA Covenant change proposal: The ballot to allow goats and llamas failed. The board then presented the 19 year history of the goat issue to inform and correct misinformation, using past board minutes and letters. The board had to make a decision on the goat and llama covenant violation. The Board then proposed what they plan to do next.

A motion was made from the floor to restrict the board from action against the goats and llamas and seconded. The motion was:

Due to the long history involving the use of Angora goats for Jette weed control and the fact that members voting were nearly 2:1 in favor of the covenant change to allow all residents to have Angora goats on their property, it is moved that the Board take no legal action regarding the use of Angora goats for weed control within Jette Meadows, or regarding the maintenance of a small herd of Angora goats and a protective llama on the Taylors’ properties.

The vote did not move forward as the motion was determined to be in violation of Jette Meadows Covenants.

Community watch program:There have been 10 signs installed throughout the neighborhood so that all homes have at least one sign between accesses to their home from highway 93. The neighbors now need to exchange phone numbers and information so that if any suspicious activity takes place, they can let their neighbors know. Telephone the Lake County Sheriff Department’s non-emergency number at 883-4700 or 911 in case of an emergency. Make sure to record information, like car or people descriptions. The success of a watch depends on communication with the neighbors

Election of JMLA board of directors:
A call was made from the floor for any additional nominations. There were none. Each candidate spoke and the vote was taken. The results are as follows:

110 landowner voters and proxies.

Andrew Speer 63 votes              Rich Beauchamp 49 votes

Gordon Terry 61 votes               Amanda Rauch 49 votes

Brent Sliker 92 votes                  Cliff Anger 3 votes

A motion was made and seconded for adjournment.

The 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes are presented here.  Archived Annual Meeting Minutes are found at the bottom of this page.

Archived Annual Meeting Minutes

Jette Meadows Homeowners Association

Jette Meadows Landowners Association
Annual Meeting – June 14, 2016